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Tehvida Rekic, Ko sam ja, Thea Rekic, Thea Queen Of Light, Ruza,
Ko sam ja

Thea Queen of Light, the artist name of Bosnian singer and humanist Tevhida Thea Rekic is issuing a new album under the name ‘Who am I’ (Ko Sam Ja).Telling a story through music is the most frequent way of expressing emotions, celebrations, happiness, sadness, problems, affinities, needs and wishes. The most evident proof is that things around us happen, the need to tell about them and repeat them, a mature fantasy, often not too far from reality, yet too brutal and ungracious in regards to to our wishes. Those wishes are humble enough, of pure and steady origin. But life’s handwriting highlights us all individually with a single colour of a fluorescent marker. 
We see through that, each in his/her own special way and through various filters. It’s not by chance that we often imagine water streams, but live in metropolitan cities. It’s not by chance that we have a certain knowledge yet speak in a different, eloquent language, but wish we could let words go and speak themselves without any effort. It’s not by chance that we stand on firm ground, that we are stable, employed and safe but wish that the wind would lift us and let us wander. It’s not by chance that a song has no tone. If it is not sung, then it is spoken, then it lasts in a different way in a different time, within a different bond of reality and nonexistence.

But sometimes… we long to be a part of a song and tell our pain and happiness, our enthusiasm and our critique, our whim which is drawn with kindness and melted in honey. 

At times we are witnesses, at others we are victims. Sometimes we understand , though understanding is forbidden to us, forbidden by law, unplanned. This makes us victims. Let us give ourselves up to the air and create a shadow above all those that do not help us. Let song make the words more bearable, sorrows more sufferable, joys appear faster and last to humble eternity. 
At least someone deserves this, someone to whom things happen that are so painful and harsh, locked in dreams along with countless unheard sobs. 
We are not conscious, yet we have no conscience. 
Let’s sing within ourselves, before sleep engulfs us, in the rain, in the mist, on the pavement, from lust of a most sincere love..

Song united us and brought us closer-forever. 
Tevhida Thea Rekic is a special human gift. What makes her work so extraordinary are her extraordinary intentions. During the war in Bosnia in Herzegovina in the early nineties, Tevhida was forced to flee her native city of Bihac. For years, somewhere out there, she grew up amidst true pain. Somewhere out there, away from herself, she began to search for her peace. While others drew peace, she composed it. 

Thea is the first rap artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. For those who don’t know, she steered her path of life towards generosity and good. The whole world is Thea’s home, a big house filled with many beautiful dwellers. She is a ready guest wherever she appears, but every day, the world grows smaller and smaller in its capability to accept all the love she brings through all she does. 
A well known humanist, an honest fighter for human rights and equality, artist and in every sense a human being, Thea Rekic, Thea Queen of Light, issued a single named KO SAM JA (WHO AM I) ? 

This single is dedicated to all that are endangered by what they cannot influence, all victims of natural catastrophes, all the unfortunate and forgotten, all the sick and abandoned pearls of this home of ours. These pearls are a treasure and Thea finds herself in them, at least occasionally and yet so often. 
Her album is available for download online