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Light for tomorrow


This is how a little girl, by the name of Emina Mujkic,describes her everyday way of living in her own words. She comes from Kalesija, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emina lives with her mother. This little girl does not remember when it was that she had a good, healthy meal, much less a piece of chocolate. The mother and daughter have no food and live without heat. 
Emina Mujkic is only 11 years old and she seeks help from the foundation LIGHTS FOR TOMORROW. Emina writes " Thea, please help me and my mother. Most of the time we go to sleep with out anything to eat at all. We are happy if we are fortunate enough to get one good meal a day. However, most of the time we go hungry and go to sleep with nothing in our stomachs. My mother received help from a government found ONLY for a month. It has been 3 months since the government founding has stopped. I don't know how we are going to get through the winter with very little food and no heat. We are living in an abandoned Emergency Center. We are not living normal lives like other people. We are freezing here.
That's why i believe in you Thea. I believe that you can help us. I feel isolated from the other children in school. I am a straight A student, but i don't even have the money to buy a sandwich, like the rest of the children The children know that me and my mother are living in an abandoned building, maybe that is why they isolate me.
i am not asking for much. Just to help us to get through the winter. 
My mother's health is poor. She is suffering from depression and was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Her medication costs 125.00 KM. We can not even afford that. That is why we believe in you, Thea. As i am writing this, me and my mother strongly believe in you and your help We have no money for food or medication. We have people that we love but we can't visit them being that the bus costs much more then what we can afford.
Just like every other little girl in the world i have dreams, at this moment all i wish for is to have a warm room to share with my mommy, a little bit of food, and to be able to buy the medication that is so much needed for my mother."
After this they neighbor contact me There statesman about family Mujkic how there suffering with out food how much they poor that why they seek help from Organization Lights for tomorrow He also say it family Mujkic are in summer some how find to way to make money for food but in winter time they are suffering they cannot pervade for food medication 
This is statesman of Organization Lights for tomorrow. foundation call family Mujkic This is statesman of Organization foundation Lights for tomorrow. We call from foundation Lights for tomorrow. little girl Emina to ask her some questions but this little girl could not answer noting from her crying .The take her cupule minutes to start talking .Finally she find courage to explain everything to as .
Emina say to as I have dream Just like every other little girl in the world i have dreams, at this moment all i wish for is to have a warm room to share with my mommy, a little bit of food, and to be able to buy the medication that is so much needed for my mother."
Do you know THea my Mother some of time dont talk she stay wherry speechless .She loses herself in her thoughts
After this one group of our team they viste family Mujkic in this visit they bring first help for them There neighbor contact as then He say it do you know Thea i was be there you do have great group team good people bring them first help oh Thea if you can see that happiness and joy in there eyes But you will on all that videos the your team recorded May God bless you with all that good people for bring that joy in there home I will say to you Thank you in front of family Mujkic

Light of Tomorrow (statesman )
After we get inform from this little girl Emina 
Emina describes in letter her everyday way of living with sick mother in her own words about there suffering 
Light of Tomorrow act on this cases we try to help best we cued .We make it Organization with good people
I talk with lot of friends we try act and help on this issues 
We will show you photo ,videos about them what we do together This is only temp help but family Mujkic need perm ant help resolution
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